Casting Call for Your Loyal Pet Dog



If you think your dog has what it deserves to become a star, it is your chance to let your dogs shine and take the spotlight. Atlanta Dogworks a dog company that works for the training and betterment of dogs in the area is now celebrating its 20 years anniversary. They are looking to hold a Saturday fundraiser event to attract dog owners to parade their stunning dogs. The event is to act as a charity event to raise money for efforts to support local rescue shelters.

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Casting Call for Various Roles by Extras Casting

atlanta-casting-callDo you have a love for acting? Have you been waiting for an opportunity for long time? If your answer is in positive, then this is just the right chance for you!

This is a casting call for various roles. Extras Casting, Atlanta, GA are looking for handsome men and beautiful women.

The project will commence in August.

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Casting Call for TV Series ‘Sleepy Hollow’




If you are a model, an actor, or a normal individual with great talents, you can apply for the role of extras in TV Series ‘Sleepy Hollow’. The casting directors are looking for extras in Atlanta, Georgia to cast in their upcoming season 4. Below mentioned are some of the details regarding the show and casting call.

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Casting for CW’s ‘The Originals’ Season 4 in Atlanta




Do you want to make a career in media? If yes, here’s one opportunity for you! Marinella Hume Casting is looking to hire some of the best actors in Atlanta. The casting directors are looking for physically fit and muscular men and women to act in a fight scene for an upcoming show known as “The Originals”. The filming is going to take place on Thursday, July 28. Make sure you are available on the day.

There will be few fight scenes with various characters. Casting directors are looking for fit and active men.

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Casting Actors for the Murder Mystery Company


murder mystery company

Do you have a burning passion for acting?

This is your chance to prove yourself. All residents of Atlanta fulfilling the criteria are invited to apply for the casting call for various roles in mystery entertainment.

The Murder Mystery Company is looking to hire actors for stage plays. Do not miss this amazing chance to make your mark!

The Hiring procedure

The audition has two parts consisting of a test to check your acting abilities. This will determine your acting skills.

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New Project Seeking Extras & Stand-Ins



shooting_with_children_cutInexperienced actors and actresses residing in Atlanta, Georgia that are looking for a chance to earn a little cash by working with the professionals and possibly big artists can apply now. The casting directors are looking for body doubles and people for background casts and photo stills. The requirements are not very demanding, all you have to do is look a certain way and bingo you could be in. So read on and see if you fit in any of the required roles.

More about the requirements:

The casting is being done for various roles, both males and females and people from all ethnicities are encouraged to apply. The age ranges from 8 years old to 56 years of old–or even older. The project will take place in Atlanta and the last date to apply is 1st, August, 2016. Payments are different for each role but it will range from $64 to $140 per week.

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Casting Call for Speaking Lines in Atlanta


speaking roles in atlanta casting now

This is a casting call for speaking lines. CL casting is looking for two teenage boys. If you have an attractive voice and you look younger than your age, then this is a great opportunity for you. Let the world hear your voice!

Requirements for the Roles

Opening for the roles of two teenagers

Gender: Male

Ages: 18-19 only.

They are looking for legal 18+ individuals.

Someone looking younger than 18 will be preferred.

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IFC’s “Brockmire” Casting Lead Roles in Macon, Georgia



Are you interested in acting and playing baseball at the same time? IFC has a great opportunity for you. Brockmire by IFC is casting for real baseball players to work as pitchers for a new TV show. The shot will take place in Macon, Georgia. The filming will be on July 9th, so mark your calenders!

About the Show

Brockmire is one of the two shows that are being filmed in Georgia presently. Another is Stan Against Evil. This is an exceptionally unique story and will capture the attention of the masses. The plot revolves around Hank Azaria who is shown to be a veteran baseball announcer. The lead character is shown to have returned to his team after 10 years of on-air meltdown. The script is written by Joel Church Cooper from Un-datable. The executive producers for the movie include:

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Casting Call in Atlanta for “The New 52”


atlanta the new 52

The casting call is for the fan series of Justice LeagueThe New 52. Lumberjack Productions are conducting the casting in Atlanta and are looking to quickly build their team. There are several roles available for actors to fill in such as Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, the Joker, Darkseid, and several others.

About The New 52

The New 52 is originally a comic series by DC Comics based on the Justice League story- line. They renewed and improved many characters in the DC universe and gave some of them a completely new look. This was done in 2011 to give something new to the Justice League and DC fans. The changes in the characters were not only cosmetic; some of them were complete revamped as well. There have been several fan series made that featured the new and improved DC characters of The New 52. This is another fan series that is being shot in Atlanta by Lumberjack Products and requires several roles to be filled in.

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Paid Commercial Seeking Attractive Women




Required: Young and attractive men and women

Performance Type: Modeling/Acting

The Catrett Casting is looking for young and attractive models to become the face of an upcoming smoothie brand. This could become a turning point in your career so make sure to avail this opportunity.

About the Shoot

This is a commercial shoot with an attractive pay rate of $350/day. The set will include a picnic scene. Couples, groups of friends, and families will be broadcast enjoying a new smoothie. The casting directors will select the candidates and take their auditions on June 30. The shooting for this commercial will be scheduled in Atlanta, Georgia on June 11. The exact shooting location will be provided to the successful candidates in auditions. The audition will be scheduled in Decatur, GA.

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